1 One software platform. EKA bridges existing hardwired and key-centric security solutions and can secure, control and audit access to both types. 5 More cost effective. EKA delivers every advantage of an access control system at a cost per door (lock) that’s comparable with a master key system.
2 Works beyond the door. Whether it’s a cage, a cupboard, a case, a container, a cash bag or a gate, if you can put a lock on it, EKA can secure and control it. 6 Audit access to any asset. You can access audit trails even for mobile and remote assets and see exactly who’s been in and out, as well as who’s tried and been denied.
3 No expensive and disruptive cabling.
Traditional access control systems need extensive hardwiring. The only thing EKA replaces is the lock cylinder.
7 Deploys twice as fast. Current access control technology is slow to install and deploy. Even in large organisations with thousands of assets to secure, EKA can be fully installed and running in just a couple of weeks.
4 Stays up when the power is down. If the power goes down, hardwired access control systems fail. EKA locks are powered-up as required by the CyberLock key your people carry for access. 8 A single key opens any lock. As long as they have access privileges, your people can access any asset using just one key.

Clients using EKA