EKA’s next-gen access control technology is the cutting-edge security solution for any industry
or sector that needs a sure way to secure, control and audit assets beyond the door.

Whether it’s a cage, a cupboard, a case, a container, a cash bag or a gate, if you can put a lock on
it, EKA can secure and control it.

Telcos and data centres

EKA can be used to secure access to communication pits and cages.


Large utilities like water boards can secure facilities like power plants, sub-stations, equipment and storage.

Local government

Local government assets ranging from offices and halls, to depots, parking meters, barriers and park toilets can all be easily secured with EKA.

Transport and logistics

Containers, yards, warehouses, depots and even gates can be secured using EKA.


EKA will secure access to hangers, gates, server rooms and restricted access areas.

Hospitals & pharmaceutical

Drug safes and pharmacy labs are normally hard to lock down. EKA makes securing them a breeze.

Mining and construction

Stop wondering who has access to plant equipment vehicles and explosives. EKA secures and tracks it all for you.

Education and office

EKA can be used to secure access to utility doors with padlocks, cash tins, access panels, air conditioning or display units, light boxes and even roller doors.